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    Prakash, Prem

    Song of the Guru

    Song of the Guru

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    Title: Song of the Guru
    by Prakash, Prem
    Paperback: 200 pp
    SKU: 990705 UPC/ISBN: 9780940676459
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    The Guru Gita literally The Song of the Guru is a dialogue between the god Shiva and his beloved wife Parvati. Shiva is depicted as the eternal archetypal yogi and the primal guru the fountainhead of yogic teachings. Parvati represents the Divine Mother Nature as the feminine force of power and beauty. From the personal perspective the guru is a human being who teaches. She has two arms two legs and all of the physical traits of any other mortal. From the transcendent level the external teacher is but a channel for guru tattva the essence of guru-hood whose job is to awaken the student to the truth revealed by his own inner guru.

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