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    Krinsky, Santosh

    Readings in The Mother by Sri Aurobindo

    Readings in The Mother by Sri Aurobindo

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    Title: Readings in The Mother by Sri Aurobindo
    by Krinsky, Santosh
    Paperback: 80 pp
    SKU: 990653 UPC/ISBN: 9781608691500
    MSRP: 7.95
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    Sri Aurobindo's book The Mother is a highly concentrated and powerful guide to spirituality and yoga. Consisting of just six chapters it provides inspiration and direction of the highest order and for many it acts as a lifelong companion on the journey. The sixth chapter which describes the Four Powers of the Mother is frequently called the Matri Upanishad and can rightfully take its place with those more ancient inspired texts. In Indian philosophy the Mother represents shakti the power and energy of creation. Santosh Krinsky has been studying the work of Sri Aurobindo for over 40 years. He brings his experience and insights to bear on the significance of this short but significant book.

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