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    Krinsky, Santosh

    Readings in Sri Aurobindos The Mind of Light

    Readings in Sri Aurobindos The Mind of Light

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    Title: Readings in Sri Aurobindos The Mind of Light
    by Krinsky, Santosh
    Paperback: 240 pp
    SKU: 990010 UPC/ISBN: 9781608692705
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    We see innumberable problems in the world today crises that cause many to feel hopeless. People everywhere have experienced the pain and challenges with the aggressive opposition of ideas religions creeds and expressions. We have competing economic systems competing policital systems and beliefs and conflict over the allocation and use of natural resources. If intellectual knowledge cannot provide certitude and a clear path forward then other methods of knowing are required and must be developed. Knowledge by identity knowledge through direct experience is therefore a necessity for humans striving to understand themselves the world around them and the significance and meaning of existence. This direct experience can come to anyone under a variety of circumstances. It is also possible through the practices known as Yoga to directly participate and aid the slow evolutionary process of nature. This book is a guide to the future evolution of conscousness. It gives all who aspire for something more luminious and harmonious a clear indication of the value and goal of their efforts.

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