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    Satprem, Translator Marie Pontacq

    On the Way to Supermanhood

    On the Way to Supermanhood

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    Title: On the Way to Supermanhood
    by Satprem, Translator Marie Pontacq
    Paperback: 200 pp
    SKU: 991724 UPC/ISBN: 9788185137865
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    What if man is a transitional being as Sri Aurobindo said long ago only preparing the way for what is to come next? And perhaps we don't need any computers or mental acrobatics to prepare for the next man. Perhaps we don't need any spiritual exercises or religions either. Perhaps BEING is enough. But being with a fire of truth in the heart with a cry of need callin gout to the truth of the earth a cry of suffocationi amid the senseless chaos of the present earth - a call for what we ARE behind the game of looks and the mental machinery which shackles us so cleverly. Perhaps a simple cry is enough.

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