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    Sri Aurobindo

    Letters on Poetry and Art

    Letters on Poetry and Art

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    Title: Letters on Poetry and Art
    by Sri Aurobindo
    Paperback: 0 784
    SKU: 990412 UPC/ISBN: 9789352100989
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    This volume contains letters written by Sri Aurobindo on poetry literature art and aesthetics and their relation to the practice of Yoga. Before the present volume collections of Sri Aurobindo's letters on poetry and art had been published in three different books. In this volume they are appearing together for the first time. Moreover it contains about 500 letters that did not appear in any of the previous collections. In these letters Sri Aurobindo speaks about his own poetry the poetry of his disciples and the works of the world's great poets. He speaks about the various levels of poetic inspiration and the process of poetic creation. To aspiring writers he offers practical guidance. To spiritual seekers he explains the value of literary artistic and musical activities in the practice of yoga. Within the intimacy of private correspondencethese letters reveal Sri Aurobindo's vision of the role of poetry and the arts in human development.

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