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    Chatterjee, Arun

    Essays On Vedanta and Western Philosophies

    Essays On Vedanta and Western Philosophies

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    Title: Essays On Vedanta and Western Philosophies
    by Chatterjee, Arun
    Paperback: 176 pp
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    Philosophical issues such as reality and appearance God and world self and not-self rebirth and immortality free will and determination mysticism etc. have been examined by eastern and western philosophers as far back as the sages of Upanishads 700 BCE in the East and Plato 400 BCE in the West. However there was no significant communication among the philosophers of the East and West perhaps until the eighteenth century. Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860 was one of the first among the great western philosophers to recognize the value of Indian philosophies. Despite the lack of communication there are striking similarities of concepts and issues addressed by Indian and western philosophies.

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