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    Blessing Cards 210 pc with Drawstring Bag

    Blessing Cards 210 pc with Drawstring Bag

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    Title: Blessing Cards 210 pc with Drawstring Bag
    cards: 210 pc
    SKU: 274001 UPC/ISBN: 9780965903288
    MSRP: 12.95

    Box size: 4 x 4 x 1.375 Cards each: 1.2 x 1.9 Bag: 4 x 6 Blessing Cards are a dynamic tool for self-development transformation and opening to the power of the universe. There are 210 unique affirmations contained in this card deck. Each one expresses an energy an attitude an aspiration or a power of life. By drawing the card and allowing your energy to attune itself to the power expressed by that card you align yourself with the forces of growth and progress that can help to transform your life your family and your world. Change starts with oneself. Blessing Cards are a tool help you take charge of the change process within yourself and tap into the powers of consciousness and the forces of attraction that are at work subconsciously in most of us. Research by Masuru Emoto scientific researcher and author of Messages from Water showed that focusing on a word thought or feeling can change the molecular pattern and structure of water. This showed that thoughts and feelings have power even to the extent of changing material substance. This power can be unlocked by the simple device of paying attention to a word or thought or feeling.

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