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    Munnik, Hema de

    Bhole and Adventures Of A Young Yogi

    Bhole and Adventures Of A Young Yogi

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    Title: Bhole and Adventures Of A Young Yogi
    by Munnik, Hema de
    Paperback: 352 pp
    SKU: 990977 UPC/ISBN: 9788188157372
    MSRP: 18.95
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    This is the story of a boy named Bhole who was born in a remote village in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India. Bhole was adopted by a great saint and raised in a cave monastery from the age of three. After a few years he was sent to school in his village where he shared adventures with his dog Bhaiya and with his friend Arjun. During his holidays he met with many yogis saints and sages who amazed him with their supernatural powers. He wanted to become a yogi but before this could happen he needed to remove many obstacles and had to overcome many difficulties.

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