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    L'Orange, Darlena with Dolowich, Gary

    Ancient Roots, Many Branches

    Ancient Roots, Many Branches

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    Title: Ancient Roots, Many Branches
    by L'Orange, Darlena with Dolowich, Gary
    Paperback: 472 pp
    SKU: 990183 UPC/ISBN: 9780910261289
    MSRP: 24.95
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    Join us on a fascinating journey across cultures and through time; from Mesopotamia to India from China to Egypt to Greece and on to the Americas to discover the ancient roots of human thought concerning health and healing. In this book remedies that can be quite effective for acute conditions will be examined. You will also explore models of healing that allow the whole person to be treated while addressing the underlying pattern of dis-ease. These energetic systems of medicine are especially appropriate in treating chronic illness where focusing on the symptom fails to address the deeper cause.

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