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    Trivedi, Prash

    27 Celestial Portals

    27 Celestial Portals

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    Title: 27 Celestial Portals
    by Trivedi, Prash
    Paperback: 471 pp
    SKU: 990878 UPC/ISBN: 9780940985841
    MSRP: 27.99

    It is common knowledge that the 12 star-signs map the sky and set the stage for the drama of life. This book expands this awareness manifold by revealing that it is the 27 constellations and not the 12 signs which truly map the ecliptic and provide the celestial backdrop for affairs on earth. Instead of taking away from the widely recognized meanings and significations of the 12 signs they enrich them with a whole new depth of perspective and interpretation.

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