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United States:
If you are a retailer, you can obtain our books through one of our numerous wholesalers. Some of the primary wholesalers who carry many of our titles include: New Leaf Distributing, National Book Network, Nutri Books, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Phoenix Distributors, DeVorss & Co., Integral Yoga Distribution, Redwing Books, and Lotus Light Enterprises. Some of these wholesalers also ship internationally.

Canada: In Canada, note that many US wholesalers ship books to Canada. In addition, many of our titles are carried by Dempsey Distributors and NBN Canada.

U.K. and Europe: We are distributed in U.K. and in Continental Europe by  PGW-UK.

South Africa: Our titles are distributed in South Africa by Faradawn.

Peaceful Living in New Zealand.

Can't find our Books?!!

If your choice of wholesale distributor does not carry the books you are seeking, you can of course contact us directly and we will be happy to supply whatever books you require on a wholesale basis. This web site is not set up to take your orders at this time directly. You may call us at our order desk 800 824 6396 or write to us, to either obtain our full color, annotated print catalog or to place an order. We honor S.T.O.P. orders through books in print also. You may also send us an email request for a catalog or for specific ordering information to: lotuspress@lotuspress.com.